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Thanks Dave for the reminder about our encounters with
other human beings.

Most folks keep it somewhat on their radar screens when interacting with people we know. The encounters with individuals such as a server
in a restaurant, or a cashier at a store, these are the times where we can make or break someone's day. All it takes is our mindful awareness of the 'vapor trail' we will leave.

Once again you have taken something so simple, 'vapor trails', and brilliantly
woven it into an unforgettable life lesson. Bravo !!!

As for the amount of air traffic in a day here in the USA. I don't think
it was ever so evident in the average person's mind until September 11, 2001.
On that day the first ever ground stop order in the history of American
aviation was ordered. All flights were ordered to land.

To view a graphic of the radar from that day:

How many flights in a day in the USA:

"On any given day, more than 87,000 flights are in the skies in the United States. Only 35 percent, or just over 30,000 of those flights are commercial carriers, like American, United or Southwest. On an average day, air traffic controllers handle 28,537 commercial flights (major and regional airlines), 27,178 general aviation flights (private planes), 24,548 air taxi flights (planes for hire), 5,260 military flights and 2,148 air cargo flights (Federal Express, UPS, etc.). At any given moment, roughly 5,000 planes are in the skies above the United States.

Jessica Rebok

Ok so make nice vapor trails when interacting with others but how on Earth does that explain the reason behind disorientaded traffic jet trails in the sky?

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