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Rosa Say

Your value Dave is not in my book but probably should be!
Ho‘okolohe Ahonui: the patience and understanding of good humor. This post is destined to be a classic.

On another note, Taco Bell is my son's favorite fast food joint: we have been in more TBs both at home and traveling than all the burger joints put together. And IN is the accurate word: this story is so familiar in that I believe they have to figure out the drive-thru thing; it seems to be their Achilles heel everywhere.
Aloha e, Rosa

Joy Des Jardins

Dave, I really enjoyed this post....hilarious! I guess we've all been "held hostage" in a fast food drive through line...Taco Bell or otherwise. It's to the point now where if you "happen" to breeze through without an episode of some sort...and your correct order, you are in such a state of disbelief that you're afraid to drive away. Thanks for the laughs Dave. -Joy


That is a really cool value Rosa! I am most touched that you associate it with me.

Hi Joy! Thank you. I usually take a more proactive approach for other FF joints. (I've never driven thru TB's in my life) I've told the order taker I'll give you a dollar more if they get my order correct. Or I've asked them what they think the odds are today of getting my order correct. These approaches work best if you are sincere. If they detect sarcasim God only knows what my happen to your order. Or as with Mickey Dees...Rosemary and Carla order a Big Breakfast, which comes with a hashbrown. They ALWAYS forget the hb. So before I even let them give me the order, I ask them how many hb's they packed.

Someone should write a book on how to obtain the most value OUT of your FF experience.

Rosa Say

Maybe you're the someone who should write it Dave! If every chapter was like this post it would be a riot. I can just see it now ... Subway may have Jared, but ___ has Dave! Free comic book excerpts with every adult happy meal... Fast Food Guerilla Marketing at it's best (nutrition additional ...)


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.

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