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Troy Worman

Excellent post. I am a big fan of Dick and Rosa, as well.

Rosa Say

Mahalo for your wonderful post Dave.

‘Value’ itself is such an intuitive and powerful word, eliciting the kinds of emotions which teach us much about ourselves, who we are, and who we are meant to be.

As universal the existence of them, one’s values are so personal in one’s character and sense of self, and as you’ve spoken of here, such a personally revealing thing. Sometimes I think of them as our ever-accessible willing servants, wanting nothing more from us than their silent but demonstrative acknowledgement, as they serve us in shaping the behavior of self we are meant to revel in, to bask in.

As much as I do speak of values, I’m always so grateful that it is one of the words of our language that does not stray too far off the path of its central meaning. When we say things like, "What value would you place on this?" or "How valuable is it?" Or as I did yesterday on, "Are you adding value" to something, it still begs this underlying question:

Are you being true to the person you are, and what you value most in the living of your life?

The rest of the world can get pretty crazy on us, yet wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, being true to our values keeps us at home.

As Troy says Dave (and mahalo Troy) most excellent post. With my aloha,

Dick Richards

RE: How is it that a person can live for nearly a half-century on this planet and not know something about themselves?

Dave, I'm past a half-century and I am pleased to report that it doesn't end. :)


Thanks Rosa! You have a most beautiful way of talk.

Dick! Reports back from the future. Whew! Talk about value.

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