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Steve Sherlock

I don't think you can buy the passion that drives the deli kid. I would hesitate to think that Publix would be able to legislate and properly administer the kind of compensation program you suggest. Too many managers, too many different ways of doing things, even if they are all within the "policy". Maybe I am too jaded by corporate life.

I do believe you can feed and reinforce the Deli Kids' passion but I don't believe you can't buy or incent it.


You are probably right Steve. But I want to vaporize the limitations of conventional thinking.

I also think your response comes from a fresh dipping in the corporate well. Perfectly normal.

Think about what Rosa said: "Can you imagine if you were the Deli Kid's manager?"

We need revolutionary managers. Those who are not afraid to create that air space of entrepreneurial elbow room. We also need the Deli Kids of today to become aware of what their bosses are doing. And then we need them to notch their belts for every entrepreneurial skill be used now and in the future.

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